Vision :

GSP envisions a real world-focused and strategic program in Psychology aimed at producing proficient, reliable, and world class psychology graduates educated and trained within the broad context of the scientist-practitioner model.


  • Excellence and expertise in prescribed course work and research using global standards as benchmark indicators.
  • Socially-relevant and people-responsive study programs aimed at bringing about greater fullness of life among individuals, organizations, communities in Thai society, and the world at large.
  • Leadership in scientific, critical and creative lines of endeavor focusing on universal applications and utilization of fundamental and contemporary theories and constructs of psychology.

Mission :

The Graduate School of Psychology of Assumption University, according to the mission of the Brothers of St. Gabriel and under the inspiration and patronage of its model St. Louis G. de Monfort, commits itself to:

  • Developing cognitive and behavioral expertise that focus on preventative aspects of mental health and oriented to the service of others.
  • Encouraging scholarly attitude towards research and a multidisciplinary collaboration in all aspects of society, based on a scientific framework that stresses commitment to empirical evaluation of theory and technique.
  • Creating a modern and innovative atmosphere in teaching and learning for a more progressive, moral, and responsive society.

Goals :

  • To produce highly competent and world class graduates in Counseling Psychology.
  • To contribute excellent personnel in the field of human services and human resources management who are able to work effectively in any organizational setting anywhere in the world.
  • To generate the right mix of knowledge, competence, and morality in undertaking research on human dynamics and experiences.



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