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The Past

The Graduate School of Psychology (formerly Graduate School of Counseling Psychology) at Assumption University ABAC, Thailand's premier international university, was officially approved and integrated as an operational department in 1993, through the initiative of the then President Rev. Bro. Prathip Martin Komolmas, who earlier envisioned a project in Assumption University that would train counselors to assist schools, in particular, and society in general. After a couple of years of deliberation and consultation since its conception, the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology was finalized and a program of studies leading to a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) was submitted to the Ministry of University Affairs and approved in 1993. Five years later, the program was officially accredited by the Ministry.
The Graduate School of Psychology may be relatively young in years but, nonetheless, since its inception, it has produced over a hundred MSCP graduates who were trained within the broad context of the scientist-practitioner model.
In his message at the grand 10th Anniversary celebrations of MSCP in 2002, Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, President of the university, commended our department in its work as it continues with increased sophistication and maturity, moving in both theoretical and therapeutic directions.

The Present

Our faculty is an international community of behavioral scientists and practitioners whose mission is to develop in our students the right mix of knowledge, competence, and morality to enable them to become agents of social change who will be instrumental in bringing about greater fullness of life among individuals, organizations, communities in Thai society, and the world at large.
A critical component of our school's overall mission involves training our students in the methods, philosophy, and ethics of scientific inquiry so that they will be able to critically evaluate and effectively communicate theoretical foundations and leading-edge research findings and ultimately contribute to the base of scientific knowledge about psychology and human services in Thailand and abroad.

The Future

According to the mission of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, and under the inspiration and patronage of its model St. Louis Marie de Monfort, the Graduate School of Psychology envisions a strategically developed and expanded curriculum consisting of a number of programs of study that are service-oriented, real world-focused, yet globally marketable and engaged in the pursuit of Truth and Knowledge through the scientific and creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and cybertechnology.
Our Dean, Dr. Vorapot Ruckthum, envisages that our programs: Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP), Master of Arts in Individual and Family Studies (MAIFS), and Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology (Ph.D. CP) would cater to the intellectual and altruistic needs of students and the general public.

Research Areas

Currently, our candidates for graduation are engrossed in the completion phase of their thesis or research project and are excitedly preparing for their final defense. Some of the research topics due for defense by the end of the year include: intersubjectivity; parenting style and hardiness in students; work family conflict and problem solving; counselor voices with sexual ministry clients; stress and attitude to suicide; online social networkers: their loneliness, interpersonal; orientation and life satisfaction; smoking and depression; body image, eating self-efficacy and satisfaction with life; attitude towards casino gambling, materialism, and religiosity; materialism and self-esteem; perfectionism and personality factors; job satisfaction and organizational commitment; and procrastination, indecisiveness, and self-efficacy.
Our MSCP collection of successfully defended theses and research projects includes exploratory researches and investigative studies into such areas as: teachers' coping style, job satisfaction, smoking elimination, career choices, academic achievement and emotional intelligence, pre-retirement planning, leadership behavior, mixed marriages, suicidal tendency, mid-life problems, internet addiction, HIV/AIDS phobia, paranormal belief and self determination, managing work-life balance, financial poverty, maternal depression and punishment on child delinquency, parental nurturance, personality factors and organizational commitment, creative personality and depression, language anxiety and self efficacy, Fast ForWord intervention program, psychological symptoms and stressors, and many others.

An Invitation

We are proud of our department and invite you to come and visit us in person at the 9th floor, C Building of Assumption University at the Hua Mak campus in Bangkok; or, alternatively, to visit us through our website at www.counseling.au.edu and have a virtual tour of our program, faculty, admission procedures, FAQs, and other aspects of interest. We look forward to your visit.



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