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The Graduate programs in Counseling Psychology (formerly known Graduate School of Counseling Psychology), was officially approved and integrated as an operational department in 1993, through the initiative of the then President Rev. Bro. Prathip Martin Komolmas. He envisioned school to train counselors to assist individuals, families, schools and society to enhance their mental health. The first program initiated was Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) and was submitted to Ministry of University Affairs in 1993. Five years later, the program was officially accredited by the Ministry.

Over two and half decades, the School has produced many graduates who are successfully placed around the world and servicing the community at large. The graduates are trained in the scientist-practitioner model with sound research skills. The School also started the Doctoral program in Counseling Psychology moving on its 25th year of inception the school continues produce successful humanitarians with good theoretical and therapeutic knowledge who serve the community around us with passion and dedication

The graduate programs in Psychology are now under the big Umbrella of Graduate School of Human Sciences under the leadership of the Dean Associate Prof. Dr.Suwattana Eamoraphan. The program director of the Graduate programs in Psychology Dr. Parvathy Varma, believes that the graduate programs with its present mission will educate and train competent practitioners to deliver high quality human services. The School consists of an international community of behavioral scientists and practitioners who can provide advanced knowledge on classical and modern day approaches and theories on counseling to improve and sustain the development of counselors and practitioners. The School has two counseling centers one that caters to the public and the one for the students in University.

Research Areas

The faculty members who are culturally diverse have varied research expertise. Research areas that are emphasized are broadly on Health Psychology, Sexuality and Individual differences, Addiction, Personality, Educational Psychology, Learning disabilities, Cultural Psychology, Gerontology and several other clinically and non clinically related fields. Research designs utilized are quantitative, qualitative, experimental and mixed methods.

Please go through our website at www.counseling.au.edu and have a virtual tour of our program, faculty, admission procedures, FAQs, and other aspects of interest. If you have an queries, feel free to revert back to
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